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Animal rescue and rehabilitation

At TAWF, we’ve been working to rescue homeless animals, birds and wild animals. Our major project is rehabilitating stray animals, including their sterilisation and vaccination.
Stray animals are in very miserable conditions in Pakistan. The leading cause of their misery is overpopulation. TAWF is working to overcome the root cause. We are working hard to control the population of homeless animals and eliminate rabies in the area. Unfortunately, We don't have a system in Pakistan where there is state ownership and widespread public support of animal rights and welfare. This has made our work very difficult despite our passion for it.


Featured Causes

TNVR and mass vaccination project

Stray animals are in very miserable conditions in Pakistan. The leading cause of their misery is overpopulation. TAWF is working to overcome the root cause.TNVR is our primary and most significant project. Since November 2020, we have been aggressively running our TNVR project as reports are published on the Facebook page.
The main aim is to control the population of stray animals and eliminate rabies. Rabies is endemic in Pakistan, with human infections mainly due to dog bites, and cases are mostly diagnosed on clinical grounds only. 

Awareness for coexistence

TAWF conduct awareness seminars in public and private schools and also distributes the awareness books among the students. The lack of education and empathy for animals in Pakistan is a primary reason for the mistreatment of animals. Our classroom awareness project is the first of its kind, a fundamental step toward child awareness. The best thing we can do for the new generations is awareness. 
It's essential to teach kids about co-existence to create a promising generation that would bring a lot of goodness to society for humans and animals.

Youth Skill Development

Youth Skill Development Project is especially for the children of poor equine owners, brick kiln workers and poor farmers. Due to extreme poverty, those children can't get higher education and good jobs. TAWF is offering various vocational training courses to improve the professional skills of these underprivileged members of society. Initially, we have started tailoring, beautician, graphic designing and freelancing courses.
These courses are offered free of cost, and after completing the course, financial assistance is also provided to the students to start their careers.

Since November 2020

Our numbers

The number of animals we are able to help depends on the resources (donations) that we spend on our projects

Animals Rescued
Rabies Vaccination
Animals Adopted

TAWF has saved the lives of thousands of homeless animals

Hundreds of injured, abused, and neglected animals are reported to us every month to help them. Many of the animals are abused without any reason, just for fun. Dogs are poisoned or even shot because people are very intolerant of dogs in Pakistan. Your donations can play a crucial role in changing the lives of innocent homeless animals. Every little donation supports us in putting an end to animal abuse.

There are many ways you can make a big difference in the lives of homeless animals. Donate funds, Volunteer, adopt a dog/cat, donate food and other materials that help us to take care of rescued animals.

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Donate for a cause

As a non-profit organization, everything we do is made possible through donations. The number of animals we can help depends on your contributions. Every little bit helps to improve the lives of innocent souls.


Become a volunteer

Become one of our passionate volunteers. Volunteering at TAWF is a great way to make a difference. Experience the joy and satisfaction of working and serving the cause. Please get involved to support this cause.


Adopt A Pet

Due to financial constraints and lack of space, we can't provide shelter and care for all rescued animals. If every home adopts a homeless animal, the number of those on the streets will become negligible.